Maggie's Slutty Fantasies Ch. 02


The door shut behind me and startled me out of my daze as I walked out of the store. What just happened? I didn't expect for this, well to be honest I didn't know really what to expect. How did I get to the front door again?

"Remember, try to remember," I kept repeating to myself.

Everything was so fuzzy between the adrenaline and endorphins racing through my head, the horniness and orgasm that sent me over the edge and the shock of the things that happened. I tried to focus on the last thing I could remember.

The words rang back into my head, "I'll see you tomorrow princess".

His cock warm, wet and somewhat heavy resting on my cheek. Then I felt it start to rise up off of my face, tip rubbing across my cheek as he did. He got up and walked over to the door putting his cock away in the process; I could hear him zip his fly and the sound of the knob slowly turning, all the while I was still on my knees by his desk.

"Well unless you want me to get Ron, so he can use your mouth as well you better get going."

I got up and started walking for the door.

"Don't forget your slutty underwear princess."

I turned around and got the bag off of the floor and slowly walked back and out the door with him behind me, his hand on my back, not giving any resistance, I then felt his hand moving slowly down to my butt, firmly squeezing it as we walked as if he was seeing how far he could push his luck, tracing a finger down past my shorts tracing the bottom of my left butt cheek. Had I put my shorts on that high or had my cheeks been showing this entire time without me even noticing. I felt his finger move back up towards my inner thigh and slowly enter through the left cuff of my shorts instantly finding and rubbing my slit. Before I knew what was happening, we made it to the front of the store where Ron was.

"Mmmmm...oh god...", escaped my lips when I suddenly saw darling Ron sitting at the front counter doing something on the computer with his headphones on and I stifled any other noise and tried to regain any composure I had left.

"Working hard Ron!" the man yelled out finger still toying with my pussy.

He almost threw off his headphones, "yes, absolutely, just checking inventory to make sure we are good for next week." He responded, obviously lying.

"Good, let me introduce you to little Maggie here, or as she likes to be called, princess" all the while finger squirming in between the lips of my formally innocent vagina that I had only ever played with getting me wetter, breathing harder.

"Well I know Ron was rude to you earlier princess, but how about we start new and shake hands, he is my nephew and is going to be running this place one day."

I walked forward hoping the invading finger would stop, and for a second it did. I reached my hand out to shake Ron's embarrassed that the scent of my pussy was probably still on my fingers, took his hand in mine and started to shake it.

"No hard feelings at all, you wereeeeee... GOD... sorry..."

I felt a finger slowly start to push into my ass and looked back to the man next to me, but instead found him just looking forward with a smile on his face.

"Probably just having a baaaaadddd... daaaayyyyy... and having to deal with annoyinnnngggg... kidssss all of the timmmmeeee."

I tried to keep a straight face feeling a fat finger, hopefully wet with my juices penetrating my virgin asshole, the whole time not realizing the firm hold I had on Ron's hand. Instead of letting go, Ron's thumb started stroking the back of my hand and he was just looking at me with a devious grin. Did he know? Was it the look on my face? My Voice? Could he smell me?

"I'm sorry as well, I shouldn't have snapped at you like that."

The finger in my ass was up to the second knuckle and Ron was still stroking my hand, my mind was going wild. Why does this feel so good? Why does my hand feel like it's getting so sensitive?

"Oh don't worry Ron, she'll be back tomorrow, you'll have a chance to...treat...her better then, isn't that right princess?"

I looked up at him with glassy eyes and saw him staring at me intently.

"Yessss...treat meeee...mmm...tomorrowwww", the words just barely coming out.

Ron finally let go of my hand and I was led to the door like a finger puppet, literally.

"Don't be rude now princess, say goodbye"

I turned around, the owner still next to me, looking like he was walking me out with a hand on my butt and I felt his finger slowly start to pull out of me, giving me relief.

"See you...tomorrowwwwww!" I felt the finger ram back into me.

I was swung around as the door opened and was shoved out finger leaving me making my asshole feel like it was still gaping open as I stumbled out the door.


The sun hit my face, it was still day out. I felt like I had been in there for hours and when I checked my phone, it had only been an hour and a half to my shock. I put the phone back into my pocket and heard a crumple. I didn't remember putting paper in my pocket. I reached into my pocket and unfolded it. A note from the owner, I was too nervous to read it, what else could he possibly have to say to me.

"Just to let you know princess, the front desk computer is attached to the security cameras as well. I want my nephew to learn the business, just like his dear old uncle runs it. If you're lucky, he wasn't watching in, but being the pervert I know he is, he probably saw everything and listened in too. I'll see you and that juicy virgin little body of yours tomorrow, unless you chicken out.

Hugs and Kisses,


Ron had watched me, without me knowing. I didn't know how much he saw, did he see me undress, did he see me get on the desk and spread my legs, be blindfolded, get my pussy eaten for the first time, get on the phone, get mouth fucked, came on or at the very least me cleaning the cum off of his uncle's cock in the end, the taste that was still lingering in my mouth and the smell coming off of my body. The word rang into my head from the note, EVERYTHING, he probably saw everything. I shoved the note back into my pocket and I started to walk home.

The few short miles that I walked here felt further than before. I felt naked without underwear; my soft boobs feeling like they were bouncing up and down like a Baywatch trailer even though I was just walking, nipples rubbing up against the cotton of my shirt making them hard and pointy. Was it the shirt doing it or was I just that turned on? I felt a trickle go down the inside of my leg and thought sweat? But I should have known better by now as I touched the liquid with my fingers and brought it to my nose, it was me, I was wet and without thinking I licked it off of my finger.

"Slut..." a woman said as she walked pass me and I blushed realizing what I had just done in public.

Hearing that word, it didn't make me angry, or upset, it sent a shock into my whole body, a tingle that went from mental to physical, she was right, I just tasted myself in public not even caring who could see. I made my way back into my sister's apartment, threw off my shirt, undid and dropped my shorts as fast as I could, kicking them and my sandals off, naked, dropping down to my knees and attacked my body with my hands.

"You are such a fucking slut!" as my fingers dove downwards and started rubbing my clit, while my other hand started kneading at my sensitive tits, "fuck...a whore who loves cock," switching hands sucking on the two wet fingers that were just rubbing my pussy imagining it was a cock, the owner's cock, and continuing the attack on my clit with the other hand.

It didn't take long to build, it started as I was walked out of his office, stirred inside of me as I walked home and just needed the final push to explode and it did, like a bomb, with everything that happened rushing back into my mind.

"YES!!," I screamed as I came and collapsed onto the floor, seeing my shorts in front of me, I reached in to the pocket for the note and brought it to my lips as if I was kissing a lover that had just gotten me off.

"I'll be there."

I tried to make the rest of the day go by normally, but the horniness never seemed to go away. My hormones were on overdrive, and the itch of arousal was like a tease just barely there, but noticeable under my skin. I put the underwear I borrowed from my sister into her dirty laundry, hoping she wouldn't notice, threw my clothes into my room and took a long hot shower, which just made me more aroused than relaxed. I would close my eyes and the warm water running over me just stirred up images of me lying naked on a desk, blindfolded, getting sprayed with cum.

I toweled myself off and put on some pajamas, didn't bother with any underwear though for some reason, just some soft shorts and a t-shirt. Something had changed, my skin felt more sensitive to everything that touched it, my arousal almost uncontrollable, and my mind dirtier and filled with lust. I'm not really sure how much time had past while I tried to keep myself busy and for the rest of the day I tried to get a hold of myself, but eventually I heard the door open.

"We're home!" my sister called out.

Kaylee and Derek came walking through the door, grocery bags in hand.

"I thought we could make dinner together like old times sake, come to the kitchen so we can start!"

I walked in giving my sister a hug, then walked over to Derek to give him one too, which he held onto me a little tighter than normal, his hand trailing down my back and lingering for a few seconds more than he probably should have. Something that before would have gone unnoticed by me, but couldn't help to wonder why. Did he just sniff me? I suddenly remembered my braless state and hoped he didn't notice. Either way the hug felt a little weird, but strangely nice although it still felt like something was off, but couldn't put my finger on it.

The rest of the night was fun and made me feel a bit normal, but ended up being kind of a mess. When my sister said old times sake, I didn't think she meant the fact that neither of us could cook like mom and always end up burning half of the food. Whatever tradition is tradition right?

When I finally got to bed, I passed out asleep right away, my dreams were intense; I dreamt that I was floating in darkness, my body was the only thing visible, like I was glowing. I couldn't move, like some force kept my body still, I had no control. I could feel hands start to touch me, but I couldn't see them, caressing every inch of me like vultures that had just found a meal.

"Yes, this little slut needs your attention!" I said out loud.

Fingers rubbing, and kneading my breasts, rubbing the soft skin of my stomach, tracing my legs from inner thigh to toe and back up sending shivers through me, fingers reaching into the crack of my ass circling my hole.

"Please I need more! Give me a cock!"

I felt breathing next to my ear.

"Be a good girl and open your mouth princess," the voice sounding familiar.

Without thinking my mouth opened and what felt like a warm, thick, cock, slowly pushed its way pass my lips and down into my throat.

"mmmmmmm, yes", I tried to say with my mouth stuffed.

Fingers started playing with my clit and then what felt like a rough wet tongue, running over, outside then inside of me and every inch of my pussy. Hands turned into mouths on my nipples, lips on my stomach, mouths sucking on my toes and tongues circling my ears, a finger slowly pushing into my asshole then fingering it in and out.

"MMMM, closeeee, moreeee, so closeee, don't stop!"

I was going crazy with lust and was going to lose my mind if it continued, and then I felt it, the tip of a cock rubbing up against my virgin pussy. This is what I wanted, this had been what I was waiting for, I was going to be fucked!

"Slut, slut, slut, slut," like cheers from an unknown number of men around me.

It slowly started pushing into me, penetrating me, but stopped just before breaking my virginity.

"Maggie!" yelling my name, "Maggie!"

I felt it pull back, getting ready for what I can only tell expect was it about to thrust into me ripping my cherry to shreds.

"Maggie! We're heading to work!" my sister burst through the door.

I jumped up startled out of the dream, thankfully this time I was dressed and the covers were still on me, but my fingers were buried in my shorts rubbing my clit on the verge of orgasm, my hair stuck to my forehead and a bit sweaty, I was a hot mess. My sister must have noticed and she sat next to me feeling my head.

"Are you ok sis? You look like a mess? This room does get hot sometimes for some reason. If it gets too hot again try the living room, the couch is amazing."

"No, I'm ok, travel flu, or something... those airplanes are petri dishes, it probably just needed to burn itself out... I'm feeling better already."

Trying to control my breathing on the verge of orgasm, I sat up next to her slipping my hand out of my shorts, hopefully unnoticed. Thank god Derek wasn't there watching as well.

"Ok well, if you need anything just..."

"Hey Kaylee, we're going to be late, let's go," Derek shouted as he walked into the room.

My sister gave me a hug got up and walked out, "ok, let's go cranky pants!"

Did that hug; just make me feel really good? Did I just think of my sister rubbing up against my braless chest right now? What was wrong with me? I looked up with feelings stirring inside of me and I could feel my heart racing.

Derek walked up to me, "I'm sorry, just can't be late, you know," he leaned over giving me a hug.

I tried to stand up and meet his hug, but lost balance and so did he with the both of us falling back to the bed and him on top of me, both desperately trying to get up with no success.


His leg rubbing into my pussy and his flannel shirt rubbing up against my hard nipples, my fingers digging into his back as my body arching forward bringing his leg deeper into me, my eyes rolling as an orgasm suddenly overtook me, thankfully unseen in our position with his head next to mine.

"Are you ok?" he was able to finally stand back up and looked at me curiously.

Oh my god I just came on my brother-in-law, like a little dog humping her owner's leg, I couldn't have been more embarrassed and shocked.

"Yeah! Yeah! Just back has been hurting ever since that plane ride yesterday."

Derek slid his messenger bag to his front getting the keys out of his bag.

"Kaylee says I'm pretty good at back massages, maybe later tonight I could help you out?"

"Sure, that sounds great, a good rub dow... back massage would probably do just the trick getting those knots out."

Oh god, I can smell my pussy just please leave, and almost like he was telepathic, gave a weird expression, a small shy wave and walked backwards out of the room. I fell back into the bed with a slump, hands on my face in complete embarrassment. My brother-in-law just made me cum.

"Oh my god!" and then I heard the door shut.

I shot back up, "fuck, I hope he didn't hear that..."

I guess there was nothing to do now than to get ready. I stripped off my pajamas right there in my room and walked naked to the bathroom across the hall. No one was home so I figured, why bother getting dressed. Took a short cold shower, I needed my mind to be awake enough to be ready. I was still well shaved all over so I didn't need that, just some deodorant and a change of clothes. I decided I needed a change of pace and walked to my sister's room leaving the towel in the bathroom, feeling so open and free, walking naked around her apartment.

Good thing the neighbors probably can't see anything; they probably would love the view. I giggled to myself and struck a few poses at the window in the middle of the living room, arms and legs out, spread eagle like I was doing a jumping jack. I let me hands move to my tits and started to cup them, my nipples already hard.

"Do you like my slutty tits? I want to you to cover them in your hot, warm, sticky cum again."

I turned around and bent over, legs still spread, looking back with a finger to my lips like I was trying to be innocent. I reached back and spread my pussy lips.

"Yes, this slut is still a virgin...for now," the thought getting me wet.

I moved my hands to my ass and spread my cheeks.

"This one has just had some old man's fat finger in it."

I decided to stop playing around, walked into my sister's room and into her closet and found a pretty sundress, cream colored with pink flowers all over it, something that you couldn't pay me to normally wear, but today I felt like being a little girl and add a little bit of innocence to my look, maybe even make me seem a little younger. I looked at underwear and decided on none, figured what was the point, let's be adventurous today. I borrowed a little make up, not too much just enough to make me feel pretty, a touch of blush and a little lipstick nothing else, not like I knew much about makeup anyways. I put on the dress, which felt foreign to me and zipped up the side, it had a tie that tied behind the neck since it was sleeveless and as I looked into the mirror I realized, it fit rather well. I looked, actually kind of hot, it hugged all of my curves just right and showed my body off instead of hiding it, it also felt very exposing not wearing any underwear, which just sent tingles up my spine at the thought. It wasn't see thru, but I guess in the right light and looking hard enough it could be... or at least if it got wet, which hopefully no rain in the forecast today.

This time I sat down and took the time to have something to eat, not much, just some toast and some cereal, I didn't want to get light headed from lack of food and pass out. Oh god, did I really want to do this? Was I really going to go through with this?

"You know you want to," a voice inside my head, "a slut like you needs this or else you'll regret it forever."

I eventually got the nerve to get up and grabbed my backpack to hold my phone, wallet and keys, put on my sandals and left for the store. Another nice sunny day out walking there, not very windy, but every little breeze felt like Mother Nature itself was teasing me. Each gentle gust stirring around my bare ankles and legs felt sensuous, almost intimate, I was horny enough as it is, why this? Maybe it was because I was so horny that my body felt so sensitive.


The bottom of the dress snagged on a branch because I wasn't paying attention where I was walking. I was too busy getting felt up by the wind, letting my butt be exposed by a bush. I took a second to breathe and focus not wanting to look around at whom I may have just flashed and continued making my way back to the store. I finally made it and there I stood in front of the door.

"Last chance to back out," I say to myself.

The door opened slowly this time instead of nearly hitting me and there stood Ron.

"Welcome back princess, I had a feeling I would be seeing you again," he said with a sly grin. "Let me get the bag for you."

I didn't even have time to hand him my bag, he just came behind me and gently took it off of my shoulders like a coat check and then came back around and opened the door for me. He was being awfully nice compared to yesterday. I stepped in slowly like I was sneaking in, expecting to be jumped on until I got to the counter.

"Well hello there princess, good to see you back!"

It was the owner John walking up to me from the hallway that went to his office. I started walking towards him.

"Wait a second there princess, remember what you wanted."

"What I wanted?" I responded.

Oh shit, I told him I wanted to be stripped before I even walked in. He walked up to me and gave me a big grin from ear to ear.

"Didn't the little princess want to be dressed appropriately before entering, and although that dress does look pretty on you, I don't think it's proper attire."


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