The Unexpected After Party

My wife is a sexy and roaming wife. She just can't seem to help herself. I am her fourth husband because she just couldn't be faithful to anyone. We have now been married eight years and she knows it turns me on when she has her infidelities and I always let her cuck me with at least one of these conditions: that she either does it with me watching, listening or her telling me about it just before or right after.

One of my favorites parts though is to watch her seduce or be seduced. When she is getting dressed to go out I can tell pretty much what to expect by the way she dresses. When she pulls her skirt on without panties and a blouse that can be buttoned to make it tease or just to plain exhibit her flawless breasts I know then that she is in a dangerous mood. Sometimes a lacy balconette or maybe just a sheer soft one that hides nothing. She will not go without because she says her breasts (36DD) just move too much for comfort. Of course the nipples are hard and about 1/2" long when she gets the least excited. In fact if someone even glances at them they stand right up and are extremely sensitive. They stand out quite often. The bras do nothing to hide them. That makes me stand out also.

The summer before covid, we were having a holiday at the coast at a condo close to a great club. We were getting dressed to go paint the town red and in no need to drive as the taxis were plentiful and readily available. I of course was dressed in shorts and a polo waiting patiently to see how she was dressing for the night when she called me into the dressing room. She was bent over the counter close to the mirror checking her lipstick. Her skirt was barely long enough to hide most of her ass cheeks the way she was bent over. I couldn't help but reach between her legs to touch her cunt lips and found no panties or even a thong to stop me. She was almost dripping she was so moist and slick. I stuck two fingers in to check out the wetness and decided to drop my pants and eased my erection right up to the hilt. She moaned and pushed back against me then said "that's enough for now, I don't want to be dripping all over the place."

I didn't tell her that I thought she was already pretty close because I didn't want her to change her mind about the panties. I suspect though she knew how wet she really was. She knew how turned on she was. With a final look at the mirror she declared herself ok and was ready to go. We went to the lobby to grab a taxi and had to have the concierge call one and just waited for about 10 minutes for him to show up. As soon as he pulled up he jumped out and ran to open her door for her just like he knew the skirt was too short to be decent. He got his reward and so did I as she spun to turn to face me in the back seat. I think at that time I had a hard like steel and couldn't believe how hot this night was starting. As we were on the way her skirt was riding up and putting her pussy on display and I noticed the mirror was no longer looking at the rear of the car but down at the seat.

The area around the club seemed to have a lot of construction going on so there seemed to be lots of men from out of town and were traveling in groups and already pretty rowdy in the club by the time we got there. The place was packed and almost standing room only. It had to be a ratio of 10 men and 1 woman. We stopped by one of the bars and grabbed a drink and started looking for a place to park somewhere close to the dance floor. She was looking really hot in her little linen skirt with some short lace on the hemline. Her blouse was a button blouse but she had chosen to tie it and button maybe one or two buttons so that her bra was showing and her tummy was on show any time she lifted her arms for anything at all. Her little lacy sheer bra didn't hide anything anyway as I could see her nipples on display any time the blouse fell open which she could make it do at will. I think this was the main reason a group of guys asked us to come sit with them saying we probably wouldn't find a seat anywhere else anyway. They were at a picnic type table with the benches on both sides. There were six guys from about 20 to probably 40. They were very polite and opened a spot on the bench so we could sit. There was no way for her to sit on the bench without spreading her legs and showing off her little short skirt. I think judging by their hoops and hollers for her to come sit by them maybe she showed a little too much.

Although I had never watched her openly flirt and tease a group of men before, she seemed to be in flirt heaven as they kept buying the drinks and doing their best to impress her, passing her around, groping, kissing her on the dance floor and taking turns sitting beside her at the table. She was taking all the attention very well. I rarely got to sit beside her as they were taking turns when they came back from the dance floor. It seemed that even in the fast dances they were dancing close and just barely moving. It was hot to watch as she was passed around like a toy.

She was wearing her favorite little linen skirt and a very low cut button shirt which she had tied at the waist. She wears no panties and a lace bra that is shear enough we could see her nipples through when the shirt would open as she was resting on her elbows or if she leaned over to talk across the table. The skirt was too short to sit without an occasional glance at her trimmed bush. Even on the dance floor the skirt would ride up enough when they would grab her ass cheeks that the bottom of her cheeks would give nice views of the dimple where her long legs would meet her ass. I knew at some point she would pick one of the guys to take to bed or go with to their room but she had given no real indication of which one it would be. I thought it would probably be the boss since she really likes the older men rather than the young and rambunctious ones. He was dominating her time more than anyone else. That and they never let either of our drinks run out. I would catch sight of them touching her by putting their arms around and grabbing a handful of tit and after a while they wouldn't even try to hide it. I couldn't hardly move as my hard on would be completely apparent.

We stayed until last call and I knew she would make a decision soon. Just as I thought that moment was coming, they asked us if we would like to come to their hotel since they still had plenty to drink in their rooms. She gave it some thought for a nanosecond and said yes. As it turned out their hotel was just across the road from the one we were at. We discussed the rooms and since theirs were facing the beach we all thought that would be a great place to take the party. They all had separate rooms and decided to go to the one with the wii to play and party.

We got out to the front where the taxis were lined up and since there were seven of us we chose a van taxi and started to load up. There didn't seem to be enough seating for us all so the three in the back seat told Leigh to sit on their laps while the rest of us took the forward seats. I took the seat up front so the play could continue during the ride. I believe they pretty much had figured that one of them would have her before they let her go. I think they had figured out that she is a submissive and that I liked watching her being fondled and watching her being exposed to all.

As we arrived at the hotel and climbed out of the taxi she walked over to me while they paid the driver and slipped me her bra and I could see that none of the buttons were still buttoned and the knot was not tied as tight as it was earlier. When she handed me the bra she said that they told her she wouldn't be needing it any more tonight. The edges of her nipples were sticking out of the shirt and there was a hickey one side of the nipple.

One of the guys came up from behind her and put his arm around her waist and as he did that he pulled the shirt completely off of her right breast. She just smiled and told me that I needed to go to our room and roll her some smoke and she would wait for me and play wii until I returned. One of the guys gave me a room key and said, "we will take care of her until you get back, just come on in". I guess we were both being pretty submissive by then so I started walking across the highway with a complete boner and visions of what was about to happen while I had to be gone for a while. The rest of the night was yet to come and it was obvious that she had already been groped, kissed, exposed to any that cared to watch, and probably had more than one finger or maybe even more than that on the ride in the taxi and I was headed to make even more preparations for her.

The walk seemed to take forever and I could only imagine what was happening since she was being more submissive than I had ever seen her before. It took me almost an hour to get back to the hotel and I was crazy by now and had rolled plenty for everyone. I got to the room and let myself in and there, on her knees and bent over one of the beds getting pounded by the older guy. Nobody had their clothes on except a couple of guys had just their boxers on. I looked and the beds were torn apart, clothes scattered and drink glasses everywhere. There was a movie camera laying on the night table and one of the guys asked me if I wanted to see just what my hot wife had been doing while I was running her errands. He picked up the camera and showed me the playback and said just enjoy while I waited.

When the film started she was standing in between the beds and two of the guys were in front and behind her and her skirt was already missing. As the one behind her pulled her shirt off her shoulders he tied it so her elbows were pulled behind her back. He then pushed her down to her knees and told her to open her mouth and let his buddy use it for a fuckhole. She whimpered a little and he said just do it. She did that as they took turns using her mouth for foreplay. The older guy seemed to be giving lessons on how to get your dick sucked as he would talk dirty and roughly fuck her face then tell her to swallow it all. He pulled out and slapped it on her cheeks and just said "next!" The video stopped and the next one was of her bent over the bed and they were taking turns fucking her from behind and this is close to where I came in the room.

There were a couple of younger guys there and seemed to be a little too timid to take their turn in front of the others and when she noticed they weren't finishing she took one of their hands and told him to take her to his room and she would help him out. They left with him in his boxers and her naked. I know the security cameras must have recorded quite a sight that night. It seemed longer but only about 20 minutes later she came back and asked the other younger one if he wanted his turn. Once again they left. When she returned I think the rest of us were hard again but I wanted my turn and told her to get dressed so that we could go. I was hard as a sword and didn't even care if the whole world could see the flagpole and dark spot on my pants at the end of my painfully hard dick.

As we walked back to the room, I was glad it was somewhat dark because she had juices running down both legs and dripping from her. When we got in the room I threw her on the bed not even caring about her clothes or mine just pulling my pants down far enough to pull out and shove it in her. She was so full that I sloshed when I drove in her. I don't think I lasted more than a few strokes before I blasted one of the largest loads ever in her. We both passed out and slept about 12 hours.


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